Everyone knows that a particular dress code is for Muslim ladies in Islam. Their dressing should be modest. It is the main focus of Muslim women.
Typically, the Muslim women’s dressing was more traditional, and it was tagged as a sign of oppression by the Westerners. In the Muslim community, a woman had to wear a dress that should cover her head and neck, but the thoroughgoing change in the Muslim fashion industry changed the statement on a high level. The young Muslim ladies are becoming more conscious about their dressing.

Nowadays, well-known Muslim designers have entered the field and are designing clothes for Muslim ladies, for instance, Iman Aldebe, Hana Tajima and Dien Pelang. They have reformulated the idea of Muslimah fashion by balancing faith and religion. Now modest Islamic apparel is the challenge for western trends. There was a time when they called their dressing oppressive, but now the modest fashion trend has changed everything because it changed Muslim women’s dressing style. Muslim ladies are nowadays seen wearing modest wears at the workplace and for other occasions. A broad lineup of Muslim clothing is available in the market, designed according to Western fashion style. Muslim women feel proud while wearing modest attire that gives them both a modern look and an opportunity to carry their religion well.

Fashion trends for Muslim Women
Muslim fashion is slightly different from the global fashion trends. While the worldwide fashion trends can be anything from timid to bold, the Muslim couture trends are primarily subtle and modest. The market for Muslim couture is vast, as the world Muslim population becomes aware of the fashion that helps it stay stylish even with traditional attire.

1. Tunics and maxi dresses:
Tunic clothes are the trendiest clothes with long sleeves in fashion and look fantastic. Europe has seen a rise in the popularity of the maxi dress amongst women of all ages. These items of clothing share similar lines and principles with traditional Muslim clothing.

2. Wearing different colours of hijab:
The Muslimah ladies love to wear hijabs for any number of reasons. The world of hijab style is growing. In the past few years, the hijabs, which seemed to be the most common modest dress, have undergone a significant change. Thanks to the modest trend of fashion that has allowed women of the Islamic community to exhibit their fashion and beauty modestly. In previous times, hijabs were only available in black, but there has been a massive change in the fashion industry. As a result, hijabs are redesigned and are available in various colours, patterns and fabrics. Women of the Islamic community will appear modern, even after putting on the hijabs. The Islamic ladies’ wardrobes of the current generation are filled with the latest hijab collections. Similarly, American Eagle Outfitters announced a denim hijab that is becoming everyone’s favourite and quickly selling out.

3. Loose blouses skirts:
Tajima, a Muslim fashion blogger, created loose blouses, skirts and dresses for the new collection, along with more traditional kebaya and hijab. It is a unique modest wear collection.

4. Long coats and wedges:
Long coats and wedges are the most stylish and trendy dressing for Muslim women in the west. In such attire, they can feel comfortable and classy.

5. Floral skirts:
Floral skirts were worn with a top with a belt around the waist. This is a great way to stay covered and also stay in style.

6. Multicolor hijabs with long coats:
These look amazing with a perfectly stitched long coat and thin pants. Muslim women can wear it at work.

7. Office Outfits:
Formal narrow pants with a coat style taupe and the Emirati style hijab look professional and classy. It is rightly said that one’s attire defines one’s personality. Wearing such looks give you the confidence to carry out your activities well. And at the same time, you are dressed according to your choice.

8. Jumpsuit style:
Jumpsuit style dress never goes out of fashion. Wearing the right kind of hijab will enhance the outfit and your appearance.

9. Hijab with jeans and Snickers:
Wearing a hijab with jeans and Snickers is a new fashion trend for women in the west. Such appearance gives them the confidence to walk confidently and comfortably in the streets.

10. Floral Hijab:
A floral printed scarf looks gorgeous with a straight maxi style dress. Overall, the look it presents is simply lively and mesmerising. No doubt, it is loved by all the women in the world.

Muslim Fashion Bloggers And Trend Setters
The most prominent players in the development of Islamic fashion are young Muslim fashion bloggers. These young Muslim women, sharing ideas, styles and trends, have become pseudo-celebrities within the blogging world.

A Chicago-based journalist, in 2007 Mariam Sobh, developed the first online entertainment site for Muslim women wanting to keep up with Western culture and fashion. The website, better known as HijabTrendz, introduced fashion trends to Muslim women living in the United States. Many Muslim women have since followed suit by posting videos on YouTube, providing step-by-step tutorials and how-to guides on different ways to wear hijabs.

Two of the most popular bloggers are Dina Toki-o in the UK and YaztheSpaz in the US, both of whom attract around 80,000 hits a day on their blogs and YouTube channels. These two bloggers upload images of themselves showcasing newly purchased scarves and other garments, including wearing clothing from popular commercial fashion chains such as Forever21, H&M, Zara, ASOS and Boohoo. Dina Toki-o and YaztheSpaz have also created their online hijab stores, allowing their readers to buy headscarves designed by bloggers. These young women’s work can be considered a movement toward finding a better way to accept women who choose to wear headscarves. This is especially true for women who have grown up and lived in Western societies such as Australia, the UK and the US.

The hijabs of the present age challenge the western fashion style. For some women, the hijab, a square scarf enfolded around the head, looks elegant, whereas a rectangular one enclosed loosely around the foreheads adds a touch of gracefulness. The designers are introducing good fashion trends for Muslim women and making it possible to wear stylish attire and follow the religion.

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